Dear Marblehead class skippers,

some information for your arrival at Limone sul Garda:

  1. It is not allowed to reach sailing club beach with your personal cars. At the top of the descent you will meet a staff member that will show you where to park your car and he will indicate you the way to let your gear be carried to the hangar

  2. After placing your gear, please reach the secretarial office with your documents (rating certificates, insurance etc.). Here, the documents will be verified and will be carried out one or more extra copies of your measurement certificate. Control scheduled time per skipper will be shown on hangar and beach monitors.

  3. EQUIPMENT: on the hull it will checked the presence and correspondence of the national registration  number with the certificate (please remove deck patches), the presence of the reference mark on deck, please assemble rudder, fin and bulb (will be verified, with template, the waterline length and the length of the fin and bulb). It will be marked correspondence between the hull / rudder, hull / fin, bulb / fin. You will then pass to the control of the sails. Once finished, the measurers will give you a copy of the signed and stamped certificate that you have to bring back to secretarial office. At that point you will receive a race bag and you will be tied around the wrist an identification bracelet. This will allow you to access to the dining area during the period of the event. If you would like that the accompanying person  should profit of the lunch as competitors, ask to the secretary for another bracelet (cost € 60).

  4. We ask that people with food intolerances, provide us their names before the start of the event.

  5. The opening ceremony will take place at lakeside Limone where every team will march with the flag of his country. After the ceremony there will be the opening dinner with the following menu:


    Crudités of Char

    Octopus salad

    Smoked Sword and Tuna


    Medallions in bacon and walnuts radicchio

    Raviolacci with Formaggella Tremosine


    Fillet of whitefish in crust au gratin with side dishes


    homemade strudel with scoop of vanilla ice cream



    WHITE WINE LUGANA Zenegaglia


    It will be possible a meat menu, (indicate this, in secretary office, at registration.)

    The cost of dinner for accompanying persons is € 30,00

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