• Boat storage on site.
  • Interpreters with English, French and German.
  • Male and Female lavatories on site.
  • Food and drinks cafeteria.
  • Shelter for rain and/or strong sun.
  • Cabins, tents or rooms for the Race Committee & Jury.
  • Battery charging facilities, voltage and plug types.
  • Repair facilities for yachts.
  • Internet
  • Wi-fi

There are two rubber boats with 40hp engines for mark laying and two rubber boats with 25hp and 40hp engines for boat rescue.

For race there are public address system that can be heard over entire site, device for playing and back-up start sequence, device for recording finishing order, radio frequency, computer for scoring and race notice board, course board, heat board, score board.

For the control of boat there are weighing scales, sail measurement equipment, covered facilities for measurement both pre-event and during the event.